Where is the information compiled from?

It’s curated content from websites, news stories and questionnaires sent to all MPs/Senators.

How current is it?

GovGUIDE will be updated regularly for significant changes – cabinet ministers, party leaders, committee memberships, and critic roles. We plan regular updates on break weeks and during the winter and summer recesses.

Each profile includes as much up-to-date information as we can find!
Each profile includes as much up-to-date information as we can find!

How can I find a Parliamentarian?

You can search by name or any other term in the records. You can filter by party, province, gender, committee name, critics, cabinet members, and committee chairs, among others.

  • Colour coding around the photo shows political affiliation 
  • Banners on photos identify cabinet members, party leaders, committee chairs, caucus chairs, whips and other prominent roles.

Do you have committee information?

  • Committee membership information can be found in all profiles
  • Filter by committee to see full listing
  • Filter by committee chair to see all chairs at a glance
  • The database also includes committee membership information from the 41st Parliament

What type of information will I find in the profiles?

Each entry includes contact information and all the main social media channels.

  • Current party and parliamentary roles (critic portfolios, cabinet, committee memberships)
  • Previous party and parliamentary roles
  • Electoral history
  • Personal information
  • Education and career background
  • Personal interests, volunteer work, hobbies, etc

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