Ahmed D. Hussen

York South—Weston, Ontario

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Lawyer, social activist and the first Somali-Canadian MP

National President of the Canadian Somali Congress and a member of the task force for modernizing income security for adults in the Toronto City Summit Alliance, Ahmed Hussen worked at Queen's Park for Dalton McGuinty in the early 2000s but this election was his first campaign as a candidate. He made civic engagement a focus of his career.

Born and raised in Somalia before coming to Canada in 1993, Hussen quickly became involved in his new neighbourhood of Regent Park as a social activist and co-founded the Regent Park Community Council. He ousted incumbent NDP MP Mike Sullivan to become the first Somali-Canadian Member of Parliament.

On January 10, 2017 Hussen was named as Canada's new immigration minister.

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Off the Hill

Hussen was a track and field star at his Hamilton high school before moving to Toronto. He worked at a gas station in Mississauga, an hour commute from his home, to scrape together enough money for tuition at York University.

He is fluent in English, Somali and Swahili, has a law degree from the University of Ottawa and has been recognized for his contributions as a community leader.

Current Roles and Responsibilities

  • Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
  • Co-Chair, 416 Caucus
  • Vice-Chair, Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association

Current Cabinet Committee Membership

  • Member, Committee on Growing the Middle Class and Inclusion
  • Member, Committee on Canada-U.S. Relations, Trade Diversification and Internal Trade
  • Alternate, Treasury Board

2015 vote share

Electoral History

First elected: 2015 , York South-Weston


  • University of Ottawa - Juris Doctor of Laws
  • York University - Bachelor of Arts (history)

Private Career

  • Director, Global Enrichment Foundation.
  • Special Assistant, Intergovernmental Affairs, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.
  • National President, Canadian Somali Council.
  • 1997: President, Regent Park Community Council.

Date of Birth


Place of Birth









English, Somali, Swahili


Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Abyan
  • Three children

Office Staff

Ali Salam
Chief of Staff 613-954-1064
Kyle Nicholson
Director of Policy 613-954-1064
Hursh Jaswal
Director of Communications 613-954-1064
Zubair Patel
Director of Operations and Outreach 613-954-1064
Olga Radchenko
Director of Parliamentary Affairs 613-954-1064
Lisa Cheskes
Director of Case Management 613-954-1064
Mathieu Genest
Press Secretary 613-954-1064
Brandan Rowe
Special Assistant, Atlantic & Parliamentary Secretary’s Assistant 613-954-1064
Emilie Audy
Senior Special Assistant - Quebec Desk 613-954-1064
Sebastian Clarke
Special Assistant, Ontario 613-954-1064
Matthew Conley
Special Assistant – Western and Northern Desk 613-954-1064
Sacha Atherly
Policy Advisor 613-954-1064
Tia Tariq
Senior Advisor 613-954-1064
Kazim Habib
Special Assistant, Outreach & Parliamentary Affairs 613-954-1064
Scott Morphet
Special Assistant and Driver 613-954-1064
Alexandra Salinas
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526
Zehra Abbas
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526
Matthew Gallagher
Member's Assistant 613-995-0777
Christine Whitten
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526
Jiajie Li
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526
Jordan Wilson
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526
Jerica Mariano
Constituency Assistant 416-656-2526

Room / Building

706, Justice

Ottawa Phone


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"I have a lot to contribute to Canada, and I'm a mainstream guy, I'm not limited by my community. Everyone has a heritage, but we have a shared citizenship."